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Charro bullfighting festivities of Villa de Álvarez

Declared as intangible cultural heritage, the bullfighting charro festivals of the town are held during the month of February of each year; they start with the only and emblematic bullring that is built and dismantled every year; known as "La Petatera" The bullring is built from materials such as wood, mat and ixtle and regional processes that have more than one hundred and sixty years of tradition in Colima. During the festivities there are day rides, eleven bulls and carnitas tasting.

Volcano festival

The Volcano Festival event takes place in April and May; It brings together artists of international stature, workshops, artistic and cultural exhibitions, academic and artistic competitions, plays, sports activities and a mechanical games area.

Sabora Fest

It is the most important wine event in the region since it brings together wine houses from all over the country who come to impart wine tastings and palate experiences, as well as national and regional artists; During this important event, young people from the region are invited to compete in a prize called "Young Prize for Gastronomic Innovation". The Sabora fest takes place at the end of January and the beginning of February.