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We are located in the heart of Colima, in the historic center, from where you can enjoy tours of the main tourist attractions such as: the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the History Museum, the University Picture Gallery, the Hidalgo Theater, and the commercial area of ​​Madero street where you can refresh yourself with traditional drinks such as: coconut water, tuba, bat, tejuino or tropical fruit punch.

  • Catedral de Colima: 0,1 km
  • Plaza de la Libertad: 0,1 km

  • Palacio Gubernamental: 0,1 km

  • Museo de Historia Regional de Colima: 0,1 km

  • Palacio Federal: 0,6 km

  • Jardín de Nuñez: 0,6 km

  • Ecoparc Colima: 0,8 km

  • Centro comercial Plaza San Fernando: 1,4 km

  • Parque La Piedra Lisa: 1,7 km

  • Ruinas La Campana: 3,3 km

  • Centro comercial Plaza Zentralia: 4,5 km

  • Plaza principal: 10,2 km

  • Parque acuático El Cahuite: 14 km

  • Mirador La Ermita: 14,4 km

  • Zoológico El Palapo: 27,7 km


Magical Town, It is located 10 km (10 minutes) from the metropolitan area of ​​Colima – Villa de Álvarez; It has a population of approximately 12,000 people (INEGI; 2000), which mostly carry out economic activities within the heading of agriculture, livestock and tourist services. It is recognized for its portals that house a series of restaurant-bars where typical food and drinks are prepared and served, which has given it even more fame and tradition over time (the concept of these spaces was created more than 50 years); in addition to the obligatory reference to the name of the novel Pedro Páramo, by the writer Juan Rulfo.

Cofradia de Suchitlan

SUCHITLAN, Town located 20 minutes north of the municipal seat of Comala and identified by its indigenous ancestry, which endows it with cultural and social characteristics that make it unique in the state. It has a population of approximately 7,000 people (INEGI; 2000), most of whom carry out economic activities within the area of ​​agriculture, livestock, and artisan and tourist services.


Famous for the “Nogueras” Cultural Center, a space that preserves the legacy of the Colima painter Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo, within the museum created expressly, as well as the facilities of an old sugar mill. Campo 4 and Lagunitas. The peculiarity of these two small communities is that both (the only two of the 16 towns that make up the municipality) are nestled in Cerro Grande, whose landscapes are unique, as well as their flora and fauna. Each of them has around 80-100 people. Lagunitas is practically at the top of Cerro Grande (approx. 2,200 masl), with intense cold and spectacular views towards the Colima valley.

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